About Me

I'm really just an English teacher turned loose with a camera. Because my high school journalism students needed to learn how to take sports pictures for the newspaper, I picked up a camera and fell in love.
All of a sudden, I knew what my retirement from education would look like--the opportunity to see my world anew and create on photo paper what I've seen through a lens.
I've been shooting and printing images for 15 years now and I have to admit, out in the field with my camera are my best days. Living at the edge of the Rocky Mountains in southwest Colorado doesn't hurt either, but I wish I'd found this calling when my knees and stamina were stronger.
Many of my images are displayed for sale at the Raven House Gallery in Mancos, CO, and I've been told I have a "following" locally. Thanks for visiting my site. I hope to add new images at least once a month. Enjoy.

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